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I remember being called beautiful once while I was looking through my button collection. I was just looking through them, finding old favorites, and they looked at me as if I was the most gorgeous thing they have ever seen. Idk, remembering that just made me really happy and I thought I would share.




I keep the vagina crown next to my Emmy. On my work desk. I can look at them any time I feel down. I was a weird little kid without a lot of friends, and I still sometimes can’t believe that people like me as much as they do. None of the people who made fun of me growing up have vagina crowns.

Eternal thanks to the wonderful girl who made this and I hope you can come in person next time I’m over there.

I’m playing a giant vagina in the current touring show. Tonight we’re in Orlando, FL at Back Booth. We’ll be in DeLand on the 22nd. Full tour schedule here. I have two mini comics, one of which is brand spanking new, and of course my smutty mermaid graphic novel.

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I don’t usually reblog, but C’MON. This comic.

Reblogging here since this was the greatest triumph of my adult life.

Reblogging again because my vagina tiara almost has 3000 notes and I am just too damn excited about that

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